April's Apartment

April O' Neil's Apartment fully appeared in the Season 2 Finale "The Invasion".


April and her dad own and live in a very nice looking apartment. It's located next to an antique shop called "Second Time About...".


April's apartment has it's very own fireplace decorated with candles and picture frames. Pictures in frames are hung on the walls inside the apartment. The pictures mostly show trees, farms, and other nature objects. There are two sofas in April's apartment, one is white, and the other is blue with two pink pillows. The apartment has a rectangular-shaped wooden coffee table with a blue plate set on top. Below is a giant round rug that is colored orange, yellow, and red. In the corner there is a tiny 80's type TV. Above is a little white chandelier. April has a big window on the side, which might lead to a balcony. The windows can be shut with large white curtains. The apartment also contains two large book shelfs with over 30 books inside it.


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