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April Derp is a corrupted version of April O' Neil.


Created from the DNA of April O’Neil herself, April Derp is a monstrous version of the original.  A clone “reject,” this hideous, hulking tool of the Kraang has two heads (one tiny and one large) and super-strength!  Her very limited intelligence, however, is demonstrated by the single word she has in her vocabulary—“Derp!”


Her first and final appearance was in the episode, "The Kraang Conspiracy". She was a reject clone (a genetic mishap) of April made by The Kraang. She attacked the Turtles, but was soon killed due to April's telepathic powers. She was last seen exploding into a huge pile of black goo...


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  • On April Derp's left eye, there is a tiny head that resembles that of the real April O'Neil.
  • Her left leg and right arm are horribly deformed.
  • She has a mouth positioned on her back and a long tongue is within it.
  • Her skin is totally palid, but in the promo image, she has a normal color of skin.
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