April O'Neil is an action figure made by Playmates Toys and is sold at most big name retail stores.


April O'Neil may not fit in with her peers at school but when it comes to the Turtles, she's all about Team Green! April has been their link to the "real world" ever since the Kraang kidnapped her father and she encountered the Turtles for the first time. Clever and independent, this Hal's got guts to spare and a mind for mischief. Get ready, Turtles-Splinter is even teaching her the ways of the Ninja!

  • Weapons:
  • Team: Ninja Turtles


  • Training Bo-Staff
  • Training Sword
  • Kendo Stick
  • Training Baton
  • Two Smoke Bombs
  • Two Shurikens


  • Ball-joint head
  • Ball-joint shoulders
  • Ball-joint hips


  • The figure received positive reviews by many reviewers. The only complaint is the lack of articulation. Specifically in the knees and elbows.

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