White rat


The Sewers


Albino rat

Fur color


Eye color

Mind controlled: Red
Normal: Black (Just pupils, no iris)

First Appearance

I, Monster

Aristotle is the Rat King's pet albino rat. He is used by his master as a means of vision, always shown to be the eyes that the Rat King sees through.

He first appears in "I, Monster" with the Rat King. His master explains that through his and the other rat's eyes, he now sees the world for what it really is. He expresses his newfound hatred for humans, calling the ones of the city parasites who have meaningless lives and spread unnecessary disease while forcing rats to hide like vermin. Aristotle officially takes on the role of the King's eyes as he puts bandages over his eyes.

He returns in "Of Rats and Men", finding his master when he climbs up a building. He becomes a major advantage to the Rat King, but Splinter manages to knock him off of Rat King's shoulder as the rat falls into a chasm. Leaving the Rat King truly blind by blindfolding himself, Splinter makes him fall into the pit as well. It is unknown if Aristotle survived, but it is likely (depending on how high he was) since a rat can fall as far as 50 feet and land uninjured.


  • He was named after the Greek philosopher Aristotle.
  • He is the Rat King's pet rat and seeing-eye rat.


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