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Bebop is an action figure made in 2014.


Master thief Anton Zeck is hired to break into Shredder’s Lair and steal his legendary helmet. With his purple Mohawk, z-ray glasses, and the ability to become invisible, Anton's thieving opportunities appear endless.

But Shredder catches Anton and sends him into a tub of mutagen Ooze with the DNA of a warthog. The thief transforms into Bebop, a half human, half warthog mutant!

  • Weapons: Flash Bomb & Sticky Bomb
  • Team: Foot Clan


  • Flash Bomb
  • Sticky Bomb


  • Swivel Head
  • Swivel Hinge Shoulders
  • Swivel Waist
  • Swivel Hinge Hips
  • Hinge Knees

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