Vrax Beelobome aka Bellybomb is an alien character appearing in Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind.


Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind: After losing the first piece of the Heart of Darkness to the Triceratons, Professor Honeycutt arranged a deal with Belebome at the alien restaurant Zayfod's Cantina after hearing that he had classified intel on the Triceraton Mother Ship, which would allow him and the turtles to steal it back from them. Belebome is first encountered by Michelangelo, who nicknames him "Bellybomb" and accidentally bumps into him causing him to drop his food. This angers Bellybomb into almost blasting Mikey until he learns that he is affiliated with the Fugitoid, prompting him to discuss their deal. When Fugitoid shows him his payment of 50,000 Zemulacks, Bellybomb told him that the money he requested was just a "down payment" and he has to pay another 50,000 for him to hand over the information. He then emitted made a gassy belch and ran off with the money, prompting the turtles to chase after him. After a shootout with Bellybomb, the turtles get Honeycutt's money back, and Leo decides that they are wasting their time with and tells everyone they should leave. Mikey leaves with a parting remark to Bellybomb, telling him that he has way better information than he will ever have such as the Black Hole Generator. Upon hearing this, Bellybomb became intrigued and hired the Neutrinos to infiltrate Mikey's mind and steal the information.

Later on, he is seen contacting Lord Dregg, telling him that the Neutrinos should be back at any moment with all kinds of intel the Black Hole Generator, as well as anything else the turtles may be hiding. Before he even finishes his conversation, he is again confronted by the turtles, intimidating him into offering them a muffin. An angered Michelangelo then convinced Bellybomb to hand over the intel. Mikey then accepted the muffin and did a gassy belch in front of Bellybomb, causing him to faint.


Bellybomb's mouth is in his belly and also has a pencil moustache. He has a giant eye sticking out of his stomach with a necklace around it.


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