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Tree, Hands,Teeth,and FEET, Enhanced strength .


Ninja Turtles

First Appearance

A Foot Too Big

Voiced By

Diedrich Bader

Bigfoot is a character that appeared in the season 3 episode "A Foot Too Big".


Season 3

A Foot Too Big: For a long time, Bigfoot has been hunted by The Finger, a skilled hunter. She was wounded and taken in by the Turtles. It is revealed that  Bigfoot is a lady! She develops a crush on Donatello. She tries her best to fit in...but fails. She asks April O'Neil for a make over. The teen gives the ape some makeup and a bow in her hair. Leo and Casey are talking in the Farmhouse garage,they begin making fun of Bigfoot. She hears them and runs away crying. Donnie and Mikey go after her until they meet The Finger. Bigfoot falls into one of the hunter's traps. When The Finger learns that Bigfoot is a lady,he stops hunting her. The two see each other and its love at first sight. Bigfoot takes the injured Finger back to her home in the woods to take care of him.

Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!: Though Bigfoot didn't appear in Dinosaur Seen in Sewers!, The Finger did mention on a magazine that him and Bigfoot are "expecting [a baby]".


Bigfoot is a very careful and kind creature, at the time. She is only really really when someone tries to harm her, especially the dreaded hunter, The Finger. But she is also a hopeless romantic. She develops a crush on both Donnie and The Finger.


  • Superhuman Strength: she is stronger than the average human able to lift a tree out of the ground with ease
  • Ability and Weapon mimicry: she is able to mimic skills making her a fast learner, she used this to defeat Donnie, Mikey, even Raph.
  • Intelligence and Communication: She is able speak in a 1st grade level normally in the 3rd person ("Bigfoot Scared!")
  • Stealth: Because she has experience in the woods she can properly sneak into places



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