Fur Color



8 Feet


Butt Cannons and Nipple Blades, Fists


The Kraang

The Biotroid is a Kraang in a bio-mechanical suit.


The Biotroid is a bio-mechanical suit that can be piloted by one Kraang. It ensembles a blue-furred gorilla with several robotic weapons and abilities. It first appeared in the episode, The Mutation Situation.

It came back in episode Wormquake!. This time the Kraang built two Biotroids! But they were defeated.


The Biotroid has extremely powerful arms which it uses to execute devestating blows. It also possesses saw blades that estend from its nipples and butt-mounted energy canons, making it a very...awkward villain.


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  • The butt-cannons are a reference to Astro-Boy
  • The Biotroid is an obvious reference to the monster from the 1953 film, Robot Monster. The monster is a huge gorilla alien with a robot helmet.
  • When the Biotriod was first activated, it posed in a manner similar to the anime robot hero Tetsujin-28 (aka Gigantor in the US dub)
  • Its method of control and activation involves a Kraang docking on top of the Biotroid in a manner somewhat similar to the Pilders from Mazinger Z, as well as a boss from Super Mario Galaxy 2 named Megahammer.
  • There are probably armies of them now.
  • The Biotroid Action Figure was cancelled for unknown reasons.

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