Chrome Dome




The Foot Clan


Plasma Sword and Whip

Eye Color


Made By

The Kraang

Voiced by

Nolan North

First Appearance

Target: April O'Neil

Chrome Dome is a robot made by The Kraang for the Foot Clan.

The Ultimate Foot-Bot

Official Description

"The Foot-bots were insufficient, so the Kraang created me. I am the ultimate ninja robot, armoured and invincible. I am programmed to defeat all enemies. I am programmed to eliminate all threats. I am programmed to dominate."

- Chrome Dome


Target: April O'Neil: Chrome Dome makes his debut in this episode as an android that Karai had the Kraang develop. She used him to attack April, unaware that April is the key to their invasion plans. His appearance is extremely similar to Chris Bradford, based on the Shredder's first appearance in the Mirage comics, and is ultimately controlled by the Kraang. Chrome Dome was defeated when Michelangelo drove his own weapon through him.

Vengeance is Mine: Chrome Dome reappears in this episode sitting on Shredder's Throne and tries to capture Karai. He was last seen being destroyed by Karai.



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