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Within the Woods



The Creep is a mutant that debuted in the episode "Within the Woods."


Season 3

Within the WoodsWhile recovering from the defeat from Shredder, Leo spends some time recovering in North Hampton, New York. When Donnie creates medicine from Mutagen for his brother, he vomits it up back into the bog, creating The Creep. The kidnapped Raphael turning him into a "puppy" made of moss.  He also kidnapped Michelangelo, Donatello, Casey Jones, and April forcing Leo to come to aid. He was defeated by the turtles and put in a jar. The episode ends with the jar glowing and beginning to crack.

The Creeping Doom: the Creep returns and emerges. It steals one of Snakeweed's claws from Donnie's lab, which he used to grow a brand new Snakeweed, here dubbed "Son of Snakeweed". After being defeated by the turtles, the Creep's remains merge with Son of Snakeweed's, creating a new deadly creature named Creepweed.


The Creep is made of mud, grass, rocks, and worms. He wears "Vorhees" brand overalls and a hockey mask, that he stole from Casey. His eyes and mouth also glow turquoise.


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  • He in an reference to Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees.
    • The Creep's uses a bag with only one eye whole as a mask, but later he trades it for a hockey mask, much like Jason Voorhees.
    • His overalls read "Vorhees".
    • The shrine he has of the mutagen mirrors the shrine to the head of Jason's mother.
    • Both the Creep and Jason Voorhees don't talk, only grunt.
  • The Creep stole Raphael's mutagen just like a mutant leech named Bloodsucker did in the Mirage comics.
  • He fused with Son of Snakeweed to make Creepweed.