Dave Beaver
Dave Beaver Profile

Hair Color

Baby Blue and Pink with Rainbow on stomach


Dream Infiltration,Claws, Teeth, Tail

Voiced By

John Kassir


Dark, Dire, and Dread Beaver (sort of..)

Eye Color


First Appearence

In Dreams

Dave Beaver is voiced by John Kassir.


Dave is the least menacing of the Dream Beavers. He has baby blue fur with pink patches of fur around his face, a rainbow on his stomach that's surrounded by a pink patch, and has claws on his hands and feet. 


Season 3

In Dreams: Dave Beaver made his first appearance in the episode In Dreams, in Michelangelo's dream. Mikey didn't take him seriously at first, and the two played ping pong.

Eventually, he and the rest of the Dream Beavers battled and defeated the Turtles, and were about to feast on them, when Casey smashed the dream plug, sending the Turtles and Beavers into the real world. Unfortunately for the Beavers, they were miniature sized, and so they disappeared, Dave with them. It is unknown where they went.

Season 4

Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind: Dave Beaver made a cameo in Michelangelo's imagination.


  • The Gary Wright song, "Dream Weaver" is credited by Wes Craven as an inspiration for A Nightmare on Elm Street, a film series that starred Freddy Krueger, a villain who killed people in their dreams.
  • Each Beaver seems to represent a different type of dream, Dave Beaver is your happy dream.
  • It was a running gag in the episode were all of the Beavers would yell out, "Shut up, Dave!" whenever Dave spoke.


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