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Fishface is an action figure sold at most big name retail stores.


A thug with no equal, Fishface was once Xever, a street urchin recruited by the Foot Clan for his incredible criminal skills. Mutated by the Kraang, he's now forced to rely on powerful robotic legs and external, water-breathing rig. Fishface may be a "fish out of water", but the doesn't stop him from being the Turtles' most cutthroat enemy!

  • Weapons:
  • Team: Foot Clan



  • Swivel head
  • Ball-joint shoulders
  • Swivel wrists
  • Swivel waist
  • Swivel legs
  • Swivel tail


  • This figure has received mixed reviews by multiple reviewers. Complaints surrounding the issue of articulation to lack of detail.

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