Vital statistics
Title Ghosts
Gender Male,Female
Race formerly human,now Spirits
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Status dead
Location Netherworld
Ghosts or Spirits are Souls of dead humans in TMNT Univeres,they are located in Afterlife realm Netherworld and domain of Demodragons as well as there ruler Kavaxas.
Netherworld Spirits

Ghosts are glowing spritual humanoids of dead humans that apear in few episodes of TMNT 2012 Tv series.

Most notable dead charchters are Master Splinter,Ho Chan and Hattori Tatsu who have kept there previous human forms in there dead state while other unknown ghosts all are skelleton glowing spirits.

They were summoned through the portal from Netherworld by Demodragon lord Kavaxas to unleash them upon New York City and start End of World.They were all sent back and banished to Netherwold by Ninja Turtels.

They only made there debut in "A ChinaTown Ghost Story " and "End Times " .