Hamato Yuuta

Real Name

Hamato Yuuta



Hair Color

Bald head; white eyebrows (in old age)


Hamato Clan (former leader)


Hamato Yoshi (biological son,deceased)
Oroku Saki (former adoptive son,deceased)
Tang Shen (daughter-in-law, deceased) Hamato Miwa (granddaughter)
Leonardo(adoptive grandson)
Raphael(adoptive grandson)
Donatello(adoptive grandson)
Michelangelo(adoptive grandson)


Foot Clan, Shredder (now back with the Foot)

First Appearance

Tale Of The Yokai

Voiced by

Hoon Lee

Hamato Yuuta was the leader of the Hamato Clan and sensei to Yoshi and Saki. He is now deceased, and much of the clan is gone. Unlike most Hamatos, he wears a white suit but his clothing still has Hamato symbols.

Often, Yoshi and Saki would argue about Tang Shen during training sessions with him. Both brothers had a crush on her, but she eventually was attracted more to Yoshi. At one time, Yuuta had to stab his fingers down on their shoulders just to calm them down. Saki tried to get his training sword back, only for Yuuta to pinch him harder. One night, Saki learned of his Foot Clan heritage and that Yuuta killed his father; Oroku Keiji. He swore vengeance, replacing his Hamato uniform with a Foot uniform & turning some Hamato soldiers to his side. He also dons a pair of claws and attacks the dojo. Yuuta never appears there, and whatever happened to him is unclear.


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