Hattori Tatsu


Human (Formerly)
Spirit (Currently)

Skin Color



Foot Clan


Ninja Turtles
Kavaxas (Formerly)
April O'Neil
Casey Jones
Master Splinter


Koga Takuza
Foot Soldiers
Ho Chan
The Hammer
The Rat King

Voiced by

Michael Hagiwara

First Appearance

The Forgotten Swordsman

"Hisashiburi dana, my old pupil."

-- Tatsu to Karai

Hattori Tatsu is a Japanese blind masked swordsman and member of the Foot Clan.


Hattori Tatsu was born blind in Japan. Later in life, his remarkable ninjutsu skills were discovered by Oroku Saki, who soon enlisted him in the Foot Clan.

Months after the death of Oroku Saki, he had a mission to obtain the Kuro Kabuto, claiming to be the true leader of the Foot Clan. He recruited several Foot Ninjas to help Tatsu pursuit his goal. However, many others are hunting for the helmet. He encounters Karai and Shinigami during his hunt, who also are planning to steal Shredder's helmet. After, he also encounters Chris Bradford, who also needs the Kuro Kabuto to revive Super Shredder, as the helmet contains all of his mental energy. He offers Bradford a place in the Foot Clan with limited time to accept his deal. When Tatsu finally gains possession of the helmet in a warehouse, he is ambushed by the Turtles, Karai, Shinigami, April, and Casey. Karai knocks off Tatsu's dragon helmet during the battle, causing the others (accept for Karai) to discover he is blind. He explains to them, while fighting, that he battles with his sense of hearing. Tatsu harms Shinigami badly when he throws her into a pool of water when her kusarigami backfires on her. He is about to finish off Karai, until Casey shoots many exploding hockey pucks at him, which affects his hearing. When he is about to attack Tatsu, Casey's taser backfires on him also, causing him to be electrocuted. Karai moves to fast for Tatsu to keep up with, so Leonardo hits his ears hard, causing him to loss his hearing, which gives Karai the perfect chance to poison him with her serpent venom. Rahzar arrives, along with Kavaxas and Tiger Claw. Kavaxas flies down towards Tatsu and sucks his entire soul out of his body, before stealing the Kuro Kabuto to revive Super Shredder.


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