Hiidrala is the supreme ruler of the Daagon race and former guardian of one of the pieces of the Heart of Darkness.



Hiidrala's anatomy is quite complex and much different than others of her species. Her lower body is almost entirely tentacles while her upper body is relatively humanoid. She has an outer layer of small curved tentacles sprouting from her chest and larger ones lingering below her torso to simulate a dress. Her two arms are tentacles. She also has a layer of tentacles on her head to simulate long hair. Her eyes are completely blue, with her pupils being a slightly lighter shade. She has pattern of blue and pink stripes all around her body. Her face has light blue dots and has several red dots just above her brows, with an exclamation point pattern on her forehead. She also has long brow tentacles, a long, narrow nose, and sharp teeth.

Powers & Abilities