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Robert Forster

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The Kraang Conspiracy

Jack J. Kurtzman is a human character that appeared in season 2.


He wears a brown coat and hat, and also seems to have gray hair.


Kurtzman tells the Turtles and April O'Neil that the Kraang have been attempting to terraform the Earth for thousands of years, but needed a “specific chain of human DNA”. Kurtzman was a journalist investigating the disappearance of the scientists, leading to him discovering the Kraang and investigating them on his own. Displaying a book full of notes, Kurtzman insists that the Kraang presence on Earth is “ancient” and actually goes back thousands of years.

He reappears in The Manhattan Project telling the turtles about the Kraathatrogons. He appears again in Battle for New York and encorages the Ninja Turtles and the Mighty Mutanimals to work together. He was injured by a Kraang's Laser Gun.


  • His name is based on Jack Kirby's real name, Jacob Kurtzberg. As well as his looks, with thick eyebrows, grey hair on the sides and other facial similarities.

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