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Justin was a mutant that shortly appeared in The Alien Agenda. It may technically be called a mutant because it was created by mutagen.


In The Alien Agenda, Karai pressed a button that a Kraang droid said has a "highly undesirable outcome", all the DNA at the World Wide Genome Project building was poured into the mutagen pool at the center of the room. The DNA mixed and out came the creature that was so odd that Mikey just dubbed it "Justin". The turtles battled the creature until Leo used his katanas to reflect the electric shock zapped from Justin's eyes, causing a fire that allowed the Turtles to escape.

In Metalhead Rewired when the Turtles followed Metalhead to a Kraang prison, he was revealed to have been captured and was freed by Metalhead. He then escaped.


Since it is a compilation of several genomes, it has a plethora of features. It has an octopus body with pale pink skin, and, on its neck, a tooth-lined mouth with a feline groove in the upper lip. On the side of its neck are yellow, green and orange piscine fins which slightly resemble a cobra hood. Its stalked, gooey, olive eyes resemble jellyfish with their tentacles and fire electric bolts. It has pointed ears and what seems to be blue armor on its head, but this could just be thick skin. His appearance made it even difficult for Mikey to name; and Mikey was gonna call him Octo-eyeball-jellybug...until he just decided to go with the name Justin.


Justin's main power was firing lightning bolts from his jellyfish eyes. He could also expand and contract his body to show his mouth, and meow like a kitten.


  • When trying to name the super mutant, writer Kenny Byerly decided to call him "Justin" after one of the production assistants, Justin Nix. This may have been mirrored in the episode itself, for when Michelangelo tried to name it, he gave up and exasperately exclaimed "Let's just call him Justin".


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