Kraang is an action figure released by Playmates Toys.


Creepy,'controlling, and vicious, the Kraang are extra-dimensional conquerors bent on colonizing Earth. Multi-tentacled and brain-like, the Kraang have armed themselves with powerful exo-skeleton droid bodies that - in some cases - appear human. But Turtles beware! Inside each bot rests a gross sickening evil too frightening to "face"!

  • Weapons:
  • Team: Kraang


  • Removable rubber Kraang alien
  • Large Kraang blaster
  • Small Kraang blaster


  • Ball-joint head
  • Ball-joint shoulders
  • Swivel legs


  • This figure is highly criticized by many critics due to the fact the figure is almost impossible to stand. Besides that, the figure is said great overall.

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