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Kraang Prime
The Top Mind

Skin Color



10 Feet Wide


The Kraang (The Leader)

Eye Color


Voiced by

Roseanne Barr

Kraang Prime is the leader of The Kraang. He is ruthless and evil!


Although not much is known about his past, Kraang Prime seems determined to terra-form the Earth for whatever reason. Whether its for simple conquest, we don't know for sure. Yet, according to Kurtzen, he's been trying to achieve this goal for years.

Season 1:

Showdown: Kraang Prime caught April and tried to use her mental energies to take over the world. He was defeated by Leo and is trapped on the ocean floor inside the Technodrome.

Season 2:

The Kraang Conspiracy: Kraang Prime was shown in a hologram where he was telling the Kraang his plans with the Mutagen, where he caught April spying on them.


Kraang Prime resembles most others of his species, except that he is much larger; over 10 feet in diameter. He also has three hexagonal decorations on his forehead. When needed he can move about in his custom built robot body. The body is a massive 25 foot mechanical weapon with long tentacle-like arms and a powerful energy weapon mounted at the head. It is much larger and more powerful than any other Kraangdroid Kraang Prime speaks english without the aid of his mechanical body and is not as redundant in his speech as other Kraang are, though he does lapse into it at times.

Though (ostensibly) a male, Kraang Prime has a female voice (provided by Roseanne Barr).


  • "The invasion that is known as the invasion of Earth begins...NOW!"
  • "Kraang came all this way for you...April O'Neil."
  • "Soon your world will be ours!"
  • "Kraang will not be stopped by pathetic mutants!!"
  • "All of you will DIE here!"
  • "What!? Intruders!"


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  • He is often mistaken for a girl.
  • He and his Android body are homage to 1987 Kraang.
  • He is the only Kraang that can speak without a Krangdroid.
  • He makes a brief appearance in the Season 2 Theme Song with the other villians.
  • He is voiced a female actress (Roseanne Barr).
  • He has three gem like items attached to his head.
  • He's speak in english more normal than the other Kraang.
  • He is shown without his Kraangdroid body meaning he'll be seen without for a few episodes.
  • He will face Turtle Mech in the Season 2 finale.
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