Lord Simultaneous




Time Masters (leader)


Time Scepter (stolen by Renet)


Savanti Romero

Voiced by

Jim Piddock

First Appearance

Turtles In Time


Floating-head Form

Lord Simultaneous is the leader of the Time Masters and a fan of the "Turtle Warriors of Legend". He has implied a fatherly relationship to Renet, such as reprimanding her and even grounding her. He debuted in Turtles In Time.


Turtles In Time: After Renet steals the Scepter, he is furious at her and appears as a floating head where she and the Turtles are. He orders her to return home and face punishment, but she defies him to help the Turtles battle Savanti Romero. After they defeat the latter, Simultaneous finds her again. Once again, he instructs her to come back and also says that she is grounded.


  • This version of Lord Simultaneous doesn't come from another dimension as in all previous incarnations, but from the future.
  • For intimidation purposes he often appears as a huge, free-floating head, a method similar to the Wizard of Oz.

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