Mini Figures based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TV series) were copyrighted by Playmates Toys (Asst. #91200) in 2013 and first released in 2014. They're sold as collectable items in the form of "blind bags" (which include 1 mini figure and 1 trading card each) and exclusives.


Each figure is approximately 2 inches high, made of soft rubber, is very detailed and compatible with leading brands of construction blocks (such as Lego) with legs of the figure usually having fixation for such, despite figures themselves are sculpted as they are in the series, with no changes to design and absent articulation.

Series 1


Series 1

Series 2

Toys 'R' Us Exclusives

Toys 'R' Us stores included figures as gifts in some of their exclusives:

  • 4-pack which includes the four turtles (without the trading cards, available in the blind bags) was available for free at TOYS ‘R’ US with the purchase of Activision's TMNT: The Video Game.
  • A figure of Shredder was included as a gift with Ultimate Showdown.


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