Michelangelo: At first he didn't like Mikey for giving him a lame name but trusts him after seeing him save his life. When Mikey was kidnapped he apologized and it was a ruse set up by FishFace telling that Michelangelo and the others are his enemies. But after seeing through Fishface's lies he rescues them and he competes through his race. He thinks Booyakasha is a lame catchphrase whereas Mikey thinks Cowabunga is lame, though they grew to like both later on

Casey Jones: Casey at first did not trust Mondo due to his alliance with Fishface, but after seeing him rescue him he grows to like him. He was also along with Donnie a bit jealous of him when April called him cute.


Hun: As attempting to fight the new leader of the Purple Dragon, Mondo Gecko was defeated easily by Hun.

Fishface: At first Mondo thought Fishface (Mr. X) was a friend, but after being violently slapped away by his own boss, he realizes what he has done. Mondo tries to free them but Fishface interferes, sadly telling Mondo that he was his best smuggler and for his treatory he must complete in the race. Yet Mondo managed to defeat Fishface at his own game.

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