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Baxter Stockman


Jumping, Strong Jaws, and Speed


The Turtles


The Foot Clan-[formerly] The Kraang-[currently]

The Mousers (M.obile O.ffensive U.nderground S.earch E.xcavation & R.etrieval S.entries), are small, bipedal robots designed and built by Baxter Stockman. They possess strong, fanged jaws capable of biting through solid metal and walls. They were designed to burrow into secure buildings and steal small valuables. They use a small red "Gamma Camera" to sense radio-isotopes that they use to navigate and home in on targets. Stockman uses a spray can full of radio-isotope mist that he uses to tag people and items he wants the Mousers to seek out. They aren't much of a threat alone or in small groups but in a horde they can be deadly which is why they always travel in large packs. They seem to communicate in a series of cat-like screeches.

Just like in Metalhead, the mousers are weapons and not truly loyal to anyone as they even attacked their creator, Baxter Stockman, when he was tagged with the radio-isotope spray.

In Showdown, several Mousers were shown to be outfitted with hologram projectors (The Shredder and April O'Neil).

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