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Mr. Murakami San is a minor-intermediate character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles who first appeared in the episode Never Say Xever.


Never Say XeverMr. Murakami San is the owner and chef at April's favorite noodle shop. Even though he is blind, he is a spectacular chef and whips up amazing dishes. He met the turtles when they defended his shop from the Purple Dragons in the episode Never Say Xever. They then saved him when Xever used him as a hostage to lure the turtles into an ambush. Even without sight, he was able to figure out the turtles true nature through his other senses (and Mikey's smelly armpits). Despite this, Murakami doesn't care what the turtles look like, as he knows they are heroes.

I, MonsterMr. Murakami San makes a brief cameo in this episode. He is shown working in the noodle shop when a mob of rats controlled by the Rat King run by him.

Karai's Vendetta- We see him again, this time serving April, Pizza gyoza, and KaraiTurtle soup with wooden tiles that Murakami can touch to identify what the meal the customer wants. He pours soup on Karai to allow April time to escape.

The Wrath of Tiger Claw - He had welcomed and served the Turtles Pizza Gyoza.

The Fourfold Trap - His hologram version that used by a M.O.U.S.E.R had lured Mikey to one of Karai's traps.