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Mrs. Campbell is an evil robot created by the Kraang who attacked April O' Neil in the episode "The Alien Agenda" but she was stopped by The Turtles. She later returns in the episode, "TCRI" where she was seen working at the T.C.R.I. Building. She appeared again in "Showdown" yet again working at the T.C.R.I Building, but was defeated by Metalhead. She is outfitted with laser blasters in her eyes and missile launchers in her arms. She speaks with an automated tone without emphasis or inflection. In the Season 2 theme song, she makes a brief appearance.

She returns in Battle for New York part. 2, where she sends Irma-Bots after the Mighty Mutanimals. When she threatens to kill the Mutanimals if he doesn't surrender, Slash finally gives in as Mrs. Campbell closes the portal. Later, the Mutanimals broke free and Rockwell was about to be shot by Mrs. Campbell, but Slash saves him by throwing his mace at Mrs. Campbell, destroying her


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