Basic MutantShredder pu1

Mutant Shredder is an set of 2 action figures released by Playmates Toys.


Using mutagen the Kraang perfected, Shredder’s DNA has mutated with a shrimp and crab to form some of the best Mutant Shredder Guards.

Mutant Shrimp Shredder is quick, agile and with his tiny arms loaded with long, sharp blades, he is able to leap and ferociously attack the Turtles.

Mutant Crab Shredder’s massive powerful claws allows him to grab and pinch his enemies into submission.

Mutant Crab Shredder and Shrimp has the skills and abilities to stop the Turtles in their tracks! Seafood Takeout!

  • Weapons: Sharp bladed armor & crab claws
  • Team: Foot Clan


  • Swivel head
  • Ball-joint shoulders


  • None


  • Claw Shredder has been criticized for having too warped legs and minimal articulation.

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