The Neutrinos are a race of microscopic alien creatures that travel in an ameoba-like space ship in Journey to the Center of Mikey's Mind


A trio of Neutrino mercenaries are known for invading the minds of other organisms to steal information for whoever hires them, leaving the victim's body in a vegetative state. The Neutrinos were hired by Vrax Belebome to obtain information from Michelangelo's mind. With the help of the inner Michelangelo and the figments of the characters within Michelangelo, the Neutrinos were defeated.


The Neutrinos are large, red, and bulky aliens with one red eye on their head.

Powers & Abilities

They are able to create pinchers on their hands and laser arms.


  • The Neutrinos are based of the 1987 TMNT TV show and IDW comics aliens Neutrinos, friendly alien teenagers from Dimension X.
    • Their hand pinchers look similar to Neutrino hairstyles.


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