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Newtralizer raka raka
Amphibious Assassin from Dimension X!


Mutant Newt (possibly an alien)


Missile Launchers,Trowing Blades,and Spike Tail

Skin Color

Black and Orange

Eye Color


Voiced By

Danny Trejo


Ninja Turtles

Newtralizer is a character in TMNT. He is the arch enemy of The Kraang and Kraang Prime and first appeared in Operation: Break Out


Operation:Break Out: Newtralizer was accidentally released from his cell by Donnie and proceeded on a rampage against the Kraang and the turtles. He was supposedly crushed under a car by none other than Mikey but recovered, very much alive.

Metalhead Rewired: Newtralizer made a cameo and was one of the trapped mutants escaping to freedom.

Newtralized!: Newtralizer teams up with Slash, who he rescued from the Kraang, and together they set out to take them out. He revealed a little about his past, that he was experimented and tortured by these alien scum, and planned to wipe him all out with one big blast. However, Slash turned on him, saying that doing so would wipe out the human population in New York. When Casey Jones hit a puck bomb into the Tripod he was in, the Newtralizer was forced to teleport away before he dies, porting back when the action is over, with an unknown scheme on his mind.


Newtralizer is a mutant alien Fire-belly Newt.

Powers, Weaponry, and Skills

Like some mutations, he has high intelligence, though not enough to speak English without assistance but enough to operate advanced weaponry. His weapons include: lasers, missiles, sawblades, exploding mines, and he also has blades attached to his tail.

The Newtralizer is capable of catching and constricting a foe with his tail. He apparently has a voracious appetite, as he was shown eating a Kraang alive and whole.

He possesses incredible strength, stamina, and speed. His strength able to grab turtles or Kraangs robots. He is shown to be quite durable, with or without his armor, as he was able withstand attacks from numerous Kraang lasers, Leo's katana, and Raph's sais. Even after getting crushed by a falling car he still survived without any visible bruises, scratches, or injuries of any kind. Even his stamina was high that he got back up from the weight of the falling car with extra of Mikey if it was no trouble at all.




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  • The pattern on his chest resembles a skull. This and his outfit and weapons suggest that he is a parody of Marvel's The Punisher. And both characters are anti-heroes.
  • He is the very first character named by Donnie.
  • He makes a reappearance in Season 2 and talks with a voice provided by Danny Trejo.
  • He is the first character to directly kill a Kraang.
  • In the Season 2 opening, he is briefly shown along with more villains.
  • Newtralizer was the last new mutant that was introduced in Season 1.
  • He can be seen in the background of Metalhead Rewired, but he has no gear.
  • He teamed up with Slash in Newtralized
    • Newtralizer betrayed Slash and now Slash is cooperating with The Turtles.
  • He had a device that made him talk, like Mutagen Man.
  • Newtralizer's catchphrase is "RAKA RAKA RAKA!"
  • While he may not get along very well with the Turtles, he still hates the Kraang. Making him more of an ally.
  • He will return in Season 3, and will possibly team up with the Turtles.
  • He looks like a Spore creature, In addition, his armor and weapons mention some of the captain parts that in the extension of the same game.
  • It is still unknown what happened to him after the Kraang invasion.
  • Due to him live on land more than in water, he should be reptiliomorph; half reptile, half amphibian.
    • The mutation by the Kraang may give him this ability.

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