Ninja Smoke Bombs are a traditional tool of the Ninja. They are comprised of an egg shell that has been carefully drilled through at both ends. The liquid inside is blown out and the shell is allowed to dry. The empty shell is then filled with flash powder and the holes are sealed with wax. When the egg is shattered on the ground it releases a cloud of purple smoke and a flash of light. When done right, it creates the illusion of teleportation or vanishing all together. This tool is excellent for concealing an attack or covering an escape. Mikey has been known to abuse these bombs (he used them so much that they ran out and actually had to face Shredder, but other than that he still didn't learn his lesson), annoying Donnie, who has to constantly make more for the other turtles. The are used in the show numerous times. Like in The Gauntlet, Slash and Destroy, The Manhattan Project, and many more.

Official Description

These innocent looking breakfast staples pack a dynamite-caliber punch.


  • Mikey constantly uses them even though Donnie tells him to conserve them.
  • Donnie's recipe for the Smoke Bombs is a real way to make them.
  • Beginning halfway through Season 4, Rahzar, Fishface, Rocksteady, and Bebop have developed a disdain for the turtles escaping via smoke bombs, quoting "I hate it when they do that"  in a miffed tone.