Oroku Keiji
My father

Real Name

Oroku Keiji




The Foot Clan (former leader)


Oroku Saki (biological son; successor as leader)


Hamato Clan, Hamato Yuuta (his murderer)

First Appearance

Tale Of The Yokai (mentioned)

"The Foot was the oldest of all ninja clans. But it was wiped out by Hamato Yuuta when he slain it's master: Oroku Keiji, my father!" - Saki

Oroku Keiji was the leader of the Foot Clan and the true father of Saki.

He was killed by Hamato Yuuta, thus disbanding the Foot. Yuuta found Oroku Saki after the Foot's capital village was destroyed, but he was just an infant. Hoping to heal the immoralities taught to him, Yuuta adopted him and raised him as the brother of Yoshi, Yuuta's biological son. He seemingly succeeded in dissuading everything Keiji taught Saki as the years went by, but then they met Tang Shen.

Immediately, Saki was infatuated with her. However, she was more attracted to Yoshi. This ultimately rekindled the hatred he inherited from his Oroku heritage, in the form of jealousy towards Yoshi. He began constantly making remarks of hate to his supposed brother, and would fight as if he actually was trying to hurt the latter during training sessions. One time, Yuuta even had to jab their shoulders just to make them stop. Yoshi would then cooperate, but Saki tried to get his wooden sword back so Yuuta pinched him harder.

The following night, he finally learned the truth. Yuuta had lied in so many ways, such as that Saki had a Hamato ancestry. He was actually a direct descendant of Koga Takuza, the founder of the Oroku/Foot Clan itself! This solidifies his jealousy into sheer malice, and he vows to avenge his father. Discarding his Hamato uniform, he replaces it with a similar suit that represents the Foot. Saki also acquires an Orokuan flag and dons a pair of claws, becoming "the Shredder".