April O'Neil: Pete was sent by April's father to deliver a message warning April about the mutagen bomb the Kraang are planning to detonate on the city. Despite being asked to leave the city, April decides to except the warning if her dad is rescued.

Raphael: Pete likes Raph a little, despite being a useless mutant of The Mighty Mutanimals.


Leatherhead: Pete and Leatherhead interacted a little. Pete was saved by Leatherhead from Tiger Claw after the fight on the docks.

Dr. Tyler Rockwell:


The Kraang:


Tiger Claw: Pete and Tiger Claw doesn't interact much. Pete was easily defeated by Tiger Claw, after defeating Slash and Rockwell, but was rescued by Leatherhead.

Stockman-Fly: Pete and Stockman-Fly doesn't interact much. During the battle in Shredder's lair, they fight by slapping each other,

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