The practice dummy is an item that The Turtles use to practice combat with their enemies. It is seen often in The Sewer Lair in almost every episode. It can be seen with a pair of Jitte sticking out of it. Behind it is a barrel with T.C.R.I written on it.
Tumblr mk1pcmx8Sj1rl5fngo4 1280

Donnie punching the dummy


  • Mikey seems to have quite an odd relationship with the practice dummy. Examples are when he speaks to the Dummy and/or relies on it when Raph starts playfully threatening him.
  • After The Gauntlet, the practice dummy is seen dressed up as The Shredder.
  • The practice dummy is seen in the intro getting kicked of it's hook by Leo.
  • It is replaced at the farmhouse by a sack of potatoes.

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