The Psionic Extractor is a deadly torture chair that the Triceratons use on their greatest war criminals. It was used on Michelangelo in Annihilation Earth after Mozar captured him. It is located in the Triceraton Mother Ship. It is also used to extract information from people's minds.


Annihilation Earth: Zorin and Mozar strapped Mikey down in the chair. Mikey was begging to talk them into stopping the extraction. The machine activated. Michelangelo, instead of screaming in pain, laughed out loud as he found the torturing fun and ticklish. Mikey hallucinated and saw colors the whole time it was on. Mozar demanded Zorin to turn off the machine. Michelangelo fell onto the ground, laughing historically. All that the Triceratons could extract from Mikey's mind was "Pizza". Mozar tied Mikey back into the chair, hoping to get some information out of him. Mikey then lied to Mozar about learning about some facts about Dimension X, giving him time to figure out how to escape.


  • This is a reference to the Triceraton mind probe that was used in the 2003 episode "Space Invaders, Part 3" on Donatello. Both were used to extract information directly from memory.

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