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Punk frog leaders

Punk Frog High Council

The Punk Frogs are a clan of mutated frogs, with Napoleon Bonafrog with them. They made their pre-mutation in "Buried Secrets. In "The Croaking" they were showed in their mutant forms.


They all started out as normal frogs until the alien hybrid posing as Mrs. O'Neil dumped some Mutagen into the woods' pond transforming them into their current state.

After their mutation, the frogs began attacking human camps and stole clothing or other material for their own uses. At another point, Napoleon Bonafrog nearly burned their sacred tree down but fled when the rest of the clan demanded punishment for his actions.

During his exile, Napoleon met and attacked a wandering Michelangelo (a mutant turtle) but was subdued and gained respect for his skills and took him back to the clan.

The frogs met Michelangelo and after learning of his brothers being held "captive" by humans, they attempted to liberate them only to learn they are friends with this and consider them traitors. The fruse the remaining mutagen to mutate other frogs into their army and invade nearby cities




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