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The Utrom Queen

The Utrom Queen (as the name suggests) is the queen of all Utrom. She is also a member of the benign Utrom Council and primarily uses a Ms. Campbell droid as her method of mobility and communication.


Her first appearance was in The War for Dimension X where she explained the background of the Kraang and the Utrom and was distressed when Kraang Subprime kidnapped her through a portal where she was rescued by Mikey, Raph, Mona Lisa, and a reluctant Sal Commander After the battle was over, Queen gave them the location of the next two pieces of the generator.


Queen is like all Utrom/Kraang except she has a noticeable crown with a blue jewel in it. Her Utromdroid body is similar to Ms. Campbell but is blue and gray in coloration.


Queen is a very dogmatic member of the Utrom, a rules-come-first sort of person. Sacrificing the needs of the Turtles for the greater good of the Utrom, but also is sympathetic enough to give the location of the remaining pieces of the black hole generator.


She appears to have some ability in defending herself against Kraangdroids, but was quickly over matched by Subprme when he arrived.


  • Like all members of the Utrom council, she is named after a chess piece.
  • Her name is Queen, indicating that she is their leader due to the importance of that chess piece.