The Foot Clan -

  • Shredder - Bradford was trained by Shredder in his own image as the Foot's top lieutenant and second best fighter, maintaining his rank and respect to the entire clan. As implied in the series, Shredder trusted Bradford in locating Splinter, but, to Shredder's disappointment, Bradford has been practically incompetent for such a task.
  • Xever Montes / Fishface - Bradford didn't like Montes very much, due to their 'petty rivalry', but they did make a formidable team when they worked together in their fights against the Turtles.
  • Baxter Stockman / Stockman-Fly - Dogpound found Stockman useful because he is an inventor who was capable of hacking into April's phone (which contained information on Splinter's whereabouts). Despite being allies, Dogpound and Fishface harassed Stockman when he wouldn't follow their orders. As a result, Stockman betrayed them by trapping them with the Turtles in his Maze of Doom. Although Stockman escaped after his defeat, Dogpound crossed paths with him sometime later and asked Stockman to help him become human again, which failed when Dogpound mutated into Rahzar. So in order to ensure that Stockman kept his promise, Rahzar outfitted him with a mutagen collar that would warn him not to attempt another betrayal.
  • Tiger Claw - Rahzar and Tiger Claw developed a friendship over Rahzar's admiration of the assassin's skills and their mutual interest to eat Fishface, even if it's for different reasons. Though Rahzar still fears Tiger Claw.
  • Ivan Steranko / Rocksteady - Rahzar attempted to attack Steranko once they meet, but Steranko uses a restrained Karai as a shield. Afterwards, Rahzar kickes him into a mutagen vat filled with rhino DNA, causing Steranko's mutation.


The Turtles -

  • Michelangelo- Bradford met Mikey on a social networking site in New Friend, Old Enemy. He pretended to be Mikey's friend, in order to gain his trust, and learn more about Master Splinter. He invited Mikey over to his dojo where he had Montes defeat the turtle, who he then tied up and used as bait for the other Turtles. Mikey and Bradford have been bitter enemies ever since.
  • Leonardo- Dogpound and Leo interact don't always interact much, but he did except the turtle's area of leadership when they were all trapped in Stockman's Maze of Doom.

Splinter- Bradford (along with Montes) are assigned to hunt down and find Splinter for Shredder throughout the series. Due to this, Rahzar has come to despise Splinter and his disciples, the Turtles.

Karai- During their time as allies, Bradford and Karai interacted very little, but it can be presumed by their little interaction seen that Bradford has a rather indifferent disregard for her.