Rah the Barbarian Toy

Raph the Barbarian is an action figure released by Playmates in 2014.


Live Action Role Play Raphael! Carrying a big axe and wearing a horned helmet and fur tunic—which are nothing more than a spaghetti strainer and a shaggy rug—Raphael transforms himself into "Raph the Dwarf Barbarian!" After getting sucked into an evil wizard's maze, Raph finds himself fighting alongside his brothers to complete the quest and free April!

  • Weapons:
  • Team: Ninja Turtles


  • Removable helmet
  • Axe


  • Ball-joint head
  • Ball-joint shoulders
  • Ball-joint elbows
  • Swivel wrists
  • Ball-joint hips
  • Ball-joint knees


  • This figure has earned positive reviews.

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