Robotic foot toy
Robotic Foot Soldier is an action figure made by Playmates. His weapon hands can be interchanged. He seems to be covered with scars around his body showing off his robot body insides.


Identical to Shredder's own Foot Soldiers, the Footbots are the Kraang's contribution to the Clan, with alien robotic technology inside. Stronger and faster than anything the Turtles have seen before, these 'bots fight on, learning and improving their skills with every encounter!

  • Weapons:
  • Team: Foot Clan


  • Removable Drill
  • Removable Mace
  • Removable Claw
  • Removable Buzz-Saw


  • Ball joint head
  • Ball joint shoulders
  • Swivel wrists
  • Swivel waist
  • Ball joint hips
  • Swivel knees


  • Said at the San Diego 2014 Comic-Con TMNT Toy panel, this and the next new toys are meant to be more decorated compared to any other toy in the line.

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