The Rocktopus is a giant two legged insect in Dimension X.



Rocktopus lives inside the ground of a planet in Dimension X.


Rocktopus is a big two-legged insect with two large green glowing eyes that bug out from the sides of it's face. It has giant crystal rocks on the top of it's head, which resembles hair. It's body resembles a centipede's with two giant arms that are used for walking. He has a little alien lure on the top of it's head. It's only line sounds like it is saying "Mop Mop".


  • Rocktopus' head is strangely is similar to Baxter Stockman's.
  • Why Mikey named its species as Rocktopus is still unknown. Because it has nothing like octopuses.
  • It is revealed that a dog can mutate into a Rocktopus, but this mutation was never seen.


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