Sheldon the Sensual Sea Serpent is an alien that The Kraang took with them from Dimension X to guard the under-water Kraang base.


Karai's Vendetta: When the turtles first encountered it, they used a flare to get it distracted so they could escape. When they were about to leave the Kraang Base, The Water Creature attacked and attempted to kill them, but Mikey manged to get a hold on it and ride it like a cowboy and eventually trapped in an air lock. Eventually they made it back to the Turtle sub before the base exploded. Unfortunately the creature chased after them and caught up to them. However, instead of killing the turtles and destroying the sub, it became strangely calm. It seemed to developed feelings for the sub and began to hug it along with...other things. This really disturbed the boys, but Leo manged to get the Water Creature off by blasting it with depth charges so they could escape, leaving the Creature heartbroken.

Plan 10: He got garbage for the sub to eat (still thinking it was a girl) but they pass through (with Casey the only one disturbed) leaving it heartbroken again. They shoot torpedoes at it to make it go away but it fails leaving the ship getting attacked until Donnie managed to get the engines online pulling his tongue until he managed get it out. Saddened and hurt the creature runs away.


  • According to one of the show's producers, it was nicknamed "Sheldon the Sensual Sea Serpent".
  • Sheldon thinks the Turtle Sub is his mate.

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