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The Shell Raiser is a van, made by Donatello as a mode of transportation for himself and the other turtles, from an old, abandoned subway car.


It debuted in the episode, It Came From The Depths" as Leatherhead's home. Donnie later redesigned it into the Shell Raiser in The Pulverizer. It was originally powered by the Kraang Power Cell. The name Shell Raiser given by Michelangelo and his brothers actually agreed it was the perfect name for the vehicle. Since the Kraang retrieved the cell, Donnie has found other means of powering the vehicle. It sports the ability to run on rail and road and has been seen to reach a land speed of 123 mph. It carries a top-mounted Trash Cannon, a rear mounted Manhole Cover Cannon and a razor-toothed crusher on the front bumper. The Stealth Bike can be launched from the rear hatch. Each turtle has been assigned a station on the Shellraiser with Leo driving (as he is the least likely to hit something for fun), Donnie at Ops, Raph at Weapons, and Mikey at Navigation.

It was heavily damaged by missile fire from Kraang Subprime and was replaced by the Party Wagon.

It was later rebuilt by Donnie after the turtles returned to the lair and are now able to use both the Party Wagon and the Shell Raiser in their missions.

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