Shinigami(tmntnick) 01



Hair Color


Eye Color

Light Brown and gold


  • Hypno Stone
  • Kusarigama
  • Claw gloves


Karai's New Foot Clan



Voiced by

Gwendoline Yeo

First Appearance

City at War

Shinigami is a mystic witch, Karai's old friend from Japan, and a new ally to the Ninja Turtles. She made her debut in the episode City at War.


City at War - She is first seen as a black cat and later took on the Turtles and April and stole her weapon. Later she went to Shredder's lair and gave her weapon not to Shredder but to Karai. When the Turtles arrive, Karai explains that Shinigami is an old friend of hers from Japan, and April fights her to get her weapon back. Though April loses she still manages to get her weapon back. Afterwards, she and Karai head to an old building where Shredder stores his weapons, and Tiger Claw, Fishface and Rahzar try to ambush them, but they give the mutants the element of surprise. She fights Tiger Claw and tried hypnotizing him with her stone, but she was still defeated and knocked out by Tiger Claw. She and Karai were then tied up and used as bait to try to draw the  Turtles out. As they are rescued by the Turtles, she and Mikey (who was smitten by her) fought Rahzar and later escaped. She is later seen with Karai bowing to April for forgiveness.

Broken Foot - Shinigami helps Karai and Leo in the 3 missions (the temple, Auman Chemicals and Foot Bot Factory) behind Shredder, and she creates New Ninjas Soldiers from Japan for Karai's New Foot Clan.


  • In Normal Form: She has long hair and wears makeup that's similar to Karai's. She wears a bat like cape that looks like a dress when closed and also wears a purple dress, with a yellow stone in the middle, and wears leggings and shoes. 

Abilities, Skills, Powers and Weaponry

Interactions With Other Characters

Shinigami (Character Interactions)



  • Shinigami (死神) is Japanese for "God of Death"



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