Karai: Her and Karai are old friends trying to rebuild the Foot Clan in a more honorable image. Shinigami does care for Karai as she stayed with her after Super Shredder seriously wounded her.

April O'Neil: Shinigami was responsible for taking April's weapon after she became a Kunoichi. Shinigami mocked April's skills and looked down on her. However, they seem to get along following their fight with the foot clan.

Michelangelo:Mikey has a crush on her and thinks she is cool and a great fighter. Shinigami finds Mikey to be funny and flirts with him on occasion but it is unknown if this is out of genuine affection.


Mondo Gecko:


Shredder / Super Shredder:

Tiger Claw:

Fishface and Rahzar:

Bebop and Rocksteady:

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