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No one can stop the Shredder!

Real Name

Oroku Saki


Japan (Original Home) New York City (Current Home)


The Foot Clan (Leader) Tiger Claw Kraang Prime The Kraang

Enemies Tiger Claw (If he Betray the Shredder

Hamato Yoshi (Master Splinter) Leonardo Donatello Raphael Michelangelo April O' Neil Casey Jones Newtralizer

Voiced by

Kevin Michael Richardson


Steel Claws


6'4", 193cm

Eye color

One Eye:Brown

One Eye: Pink



Shredder is a master of Ninjutsu, an enemy and rival to Splinter, the 'adopted father' of Karai, the nefarious leader of The Foot Clan, and one of the two primary antagonists of the series, the first one being The Kraang.

Official Description

''Call me Master Shredder. I have trained in the ways of Ninjustsu for my entire life and I have sharpened my skills to the highest level. An old enemy of mine, Splinter, is hiding in New York City and training a peculiar band of ninjas. The time has come to pay all of them a visit, and nothing will keep me from my revenge. Nothing.'' Shredder


Shredder is known for fighting with reckless ferocity, showing little mercy to any one who stands between him and his conquest. Even though he finds himself within a city swarming with various Mutant creatures and aliens from different Dimensions, Shredder usually views it all as nothing but a distraction from his ultimate goal; his vendetta against Hamato Yoshi. He once seemed to care about Hamato's biological daughter (Karai, who he still considers to be nothing but a trophy gained by one of his initial victories), but, after Karai realizes just how dishonorable the Shredder is, he figures that she barely has any more purposes and has Tiger Claw lock her up in a Dungeon. However, after Karai is accidentally mutated because of himself, Shredder does become slightly sad, but doesn't take responsiblity for his own actions. Shredder is even wicked enough to tell Miwa lies about her mother's death in order to make her believe that Splinter was the one responsible for it.


Scar shredder

The Shredder as he is unmasked.

In this version, The Shredder's spikes are a bit bigger and bulkier, though his body is alot thinner. He still remains keeping the shoulder, arm, and leg gauntlets. However, his hand 'claws' are now merged with the arm gauntlets. Unlike most incarnations, this version of The Shredder has a horrid wound on the right side of his face, which he received when he attacked Yoshi in his home and ignited a huge fire (presumably). He once had black hair and a completely natural face, but he also lost both of these aspects during the fire. He now suffers from severe burns, though he is still surprisingly competent as a fighter. It is still debatable whether or not he lost the sight of his right eye in the fire, as it is now blood red with just a blue iris in the middle of it.


Shredder was once known as Oroku Saki, and he was the best friend of Hamato Yoshi (Splinter). They both constantly trained in the same Martial Arts school for years. One day, however, the two of them came in contact with a beautiful young woman named Tang Shen. Both Saki and Hamato immediately fell in love with Shen, but she only seemed to begin bonding with Hamato. Soon, Hamato and Tang Shen had a child. Oroku Saki became overwhelmed and fraught with jealousy. One night, he broke into Tang Shen's house and demanded to hand Splinter over to him. When she refused, Saki fought Splinter and burned down the house, killing Shen. However, Shredder did not leave the brutal scene without stealing Hamato's infant daughter, Miwa. Splinter, still alive, screamed at Shredder as he was walking away, but he was not able to see that Miwa was in his arms...

Years later, Shredder has still been hunting down Splinter and his 4 new pupils, the Ninja Turtles.

The Shredder's first appearance was in Rise of the Turtles , as Master Splinter explained to Leonardo about his first failure, trying to protect his family from his vengeful rival and old friend, Oroku Saki (AKA, The Shredder). Saki lashed at Hamato Yoshi (Splinter's original identity) in his home and caused it to burn to the ground. The debris collapsed and killed Yoshi's wife, Tang Shen, which infuriated Saki even more because of his love for her. He left Yoshi in his crumbling house, believing that Yoshi would eventually perish. However, in Japan, Saki (who has recently made a following of ninjas called The Foot) saw a televised news bulletin from America, which tells how 'Ninjas' were in New York. As the bulletin continued, he caught a glimpse of a shuriken with Yoshi's insignia. Now realizing the status of his 'old nemesis', Saki dons his helmet and leads the Foot to America, where he intends to visit an 'old friend'.

Though he had no actual appearance in Turtle Temper , the Shredder's reason for hating Yoshi was explained to a grumpy Raphael by Splinter, who was explaining how careless decisions of anger could jeopardize the people around him. Since Tang Shen was in love with Yoshi, Saki was overcome with jealousy, so he approached the two one day, and pointed out many harsh and violent words at Yoshi, insulting him to the point of uncontrollable rage. Yoshi stopped Saki with a violent attack that left him limping away, and since that day, Yoshi and Saki's rivalry became a bond of hatred. Splinter never forgave himself for acting so careless. Losing his temper was the reason Oroku Saki destroyed his family, and his normal life.

In New Friend, Old Enemy, Shredder appears before his greatest pupil, Chris Bradford, and alerts him to Hamato Yoshi still being among the living. So he assigns Bradford with the job of eliminating Yoshi and his disciples. However, he was required to work alongside Shredder's second ally, a "street rat" he broke out of prison named Xever.

In Never Say Xever , Bradford returns to his master and reports his failure, AND that Yoshi's disciples were actually "man-sized" turtles. Disappointed by Bradford's failure, the Shredder decides to have him follow Xever instead, hoping that the outcome will be different. However, the results were the same, and the Shredder could not accept his minions' lack of victory. So he announces that he will deal with the Turtles himself .

The Shredder's disappointment of his lackeys continues where it left off in episode 9, The Gauntlet . Shredder's pet dog, Hachiko, bites Bradford's hand, and the Shredder explains that the dog wasn't pleased with him, nor was his master. Shredder's words of disappointment towards Bradford and Xever were as painful as Hachiko's teeth, going so far as to telling his pupil that he shamed his master with his incompetence even after every lesson and secret he shared with him, and he then cursed Xever, wishing that he never released the hoodlum from prison. The Shredder's words burned inside Bradford's mind, making him want to finish the Turtles off even more. And when the Foot reported to him about the Turtles current location, he and Xever followed them, hoping to please their master by killing the Turtles once and for all. After Bradford and Xever were washed away by the Mutagen inside a bomb, the Turtles celebrated their victory over them, but were shocked to hear a booming voice..."Your skills are impressive...but they will NOT save you." The Shredder made his presence known, making it all the more obvious that he is there to kill them. They all attacked him one by one, but he easily batted them back. He was proven not to be invincible though, as they managed to get in a few good hits each (Donatello most notably), and Michelangelo managed to hang him by his arm with the use of his nunchaku, though not for more than a few seconds. After Shredder defeated Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo, he grabbed Leonardo and demanded to know Splinter's whereabouts, promising that if Leo complied, he would not die with suffering. Shockingly, Shredder released the Turtles' leader when he saw Xever and Bradford changed into mutant animals. Though Shredder was terrified (and it is implied that he was even concerned) by this new surprise, he still intended to interrogate the Turtles, but they were already gone. He roared at his loss and confusion.

In Panic in the Sewers , Splinter has a nightmare about The Shredder killing the Turtles one by one, so the wary sensei takes matters into his own hands by training the Turtles further and restricting their right to leave the lair and play their games. Meanwhile, Shredder orders a mutated Bradford (whom Mikey dubs Dogpound, because of his new dog-like form) to take command of the Purple Dragons and a pair of Foot Ninjas, and locate a tanker truck of chlorosulfonic acid. After a few hours, Bradford reports how the Turtles defeated them with "go-karts and a water balloon." Before Bradford could make an excuse, The Shredder sliced off a part of his seemingly unbreakable spikes, indicating that Shredder is now tempted to kill his pupil if he fails him again.

In Mousers Attack! , Bradford's mutated form proves useful to The Shredder as he reported the Purple Dragons agreement to increase the Foot Clan's cut to 80% with 'no complaints'. Xever (stuck in a tank of water, due to his fish form) yells out his frustrations about how useless he is in his current body. Bradford and Shredder agree with him, but The Shredder is quick to threaten Bradford for the price of another loss...his legs. However, Bradford is quick to change Shredder's mind. The feral hound brings over Baxter Stockman, whose creations, the Mousers, cost The Shredder his chance of finding the Turtles' base. Shredder, of course, blames the scientist, but he also finds a use for him and his talents at technology. So, he spares Stockman in exchange for the latter's services...

In New Girl in Town , the Shredder is not pleased with Karai's failure in killing Leonardo and tells her that the next time she must finish him off or else.

In The Alien Agenda , the Shredder's patience is wearing thin when Stockman failed in his attempt to build mechanical legs for Xever. When Karai came with information about the Kraang, Shredder dismissed it and told her to focus on her mission to destroy the Turtles and their master. When Karai brought a Kraang droid, which proved useful, the Shredder was pleased and wanted Karai to find out everything she can about the Kraang. In Baxter's Gambit, Shredder for the first time does not act out so much in this episode, but he gives Stockman permission to set out the trap.

In Enemy of My Enemy Shredder appears once again. He ignores Karai's warning about the Kraang Invasion. He faces the Turtles once more, is saved twice by Karai, and manages to capture a Kraang.

In Karai's Vendetta , The Shredder interrogates the captive Kraang. He threatens to kill the Kraang with one of his blades unless he tells him what he needs to know. The Kraang tells him that the reason they are trying to destroy the turtles is because they are protecting Kraang's target; April. Shredder then orders Karai to capture her.

In Operation: Break Out , at TCRI, Shredder tells the Kraang that The Newtralizer nearly interfered in the plan. However, the Kraang remarks that it didn't prevent Kirby from being taken (which was part of their plan to find the turtles' lair and April). Shredder then says that vengeance will soon be theirs. In

Booyaka-Showdown, Part 1 , Shredder abducts April O' Neil and forces Splinter to duel with him. Splinter later finds out that the April that Shredder "abducted" is just a hologram. When Shredder finds out that Splinter is now a rat, he laughs, saying that he is "a rat caught in his trap".

 In Booyaka-Showdown, Part 2 , Splinter battles the Shredder at the Foot Clan's hideout. Shredder later reveals sometime into the battle that Karai is in fact Miwa: Splinter's supposedly dead daughter. During the battle, Splinter, in a new flurry of rage, knocks off Shredder's helmet, to reveal the latter's horribly burned face, and moved in for the finishing blow. This was prevented by Karai, however. Shredder informs Karai that the rat is Hamato Yoshi, the man that he had told her had killed his mother, which happens to be another lie fed to her by her false father.

In The Mutation Situation , Shredder can be seen in his lair, approving The Kraang's plan of creating an ape-like creature to attack the turtles. However, after The Kraang's plan fails, Shredder informs Karai that since the aliens are of no use to him now, he will begin to develop an army on his own.

In Follow The Leader , Shredder tests his new robotic foot soldiers built by the Kraang (which indicates that the Kraang are still in fact still useful to him, and their alliance still stands) by having them fight Karai. He then leaves for Japan to take care of an "urgent matter", while he tells Karai not to make any move on the turtles while he is gone.

In The Manhattan Project Shredder brings Tiger Claw onto his team and makes him his second-in-command. Karai is appalled by this, saying that she earned this position fair and square. Shredder then sends Tiger Claw off to find & abduct Splinter and the Turtles, commanding Karai to follow Tiger Claw's every order. After the capture of Splinter Shredder enters the lair, along with Karai. He tells both Xever and Bradford that they must leave the area for the time being. Afterward, he immediately approaches Splinter and purposely tries to exacerbate things by telling him that he has grown to be 'a wretched rat-man only waiting to be put out of his misery'. Splinter retorts that, at least he is not someone who wears a mask, hiding the low amount of humanity that they have left. Shredder says that Splinter is the one and only reason that he wears his signature helmet. The Shredder then extends one of his gauntlets and prepares to kill his mortal enemy. However, Karai halts his horrible action. The Shredder asks why she would dare to try and stop him, to which Karai replies that executing a sworn enemy while the latter is poisoned and chained is just improper. She then recommends allowing Splinter to perish with the slightest bit of honour and in a combat situation, preferably. Tiger Claw ends up siding with Karai on this one. Thus, The Shredder offers Splinter one last chance to inhale and exhale before fighting with him. Meanwhile, Leo is climing up the side of the Foot Headquarters with the usage of Tegaki. After destroying a couple Foot-Bots that were put on gaurd, he successfully gains entry into the building and jumps down several platforms until he has reached his sensei. However, the throne room is then lit up with dozens of orange lights at the sidelines, and this is when the Shredder appears from behind his throne. Just when Leo is about to pull out his twin weapons, Tiger Claw (along with the two other Mutants and Baxter) appears and twists his arm, disarming him and knocking him onto the floor. The Shredder then asks where the other three Turtles are, but Tiger Claw, using his very keen sense of smell, says that he senses no one else in the area. The Shredder then removes his own cape, breaks the bindings around Splinter's arms, and instructs Leo to watch in horror as the retribution with Splinter is finally carried out to the end. In spite of being poisoned, Splinter is actually able to avoid just a few of Shredder's attacks, but Yoshi is then kicked hard in the torso, sending him flying a good length of the way across the room. Shredder then picks him up and is about to put him out of his misery for certain when yet another earthquake occurs, catching the Shredder and his henchman off-gaurd. Not only that - but our heroes then enter, armed with some handy fire crackers, which they actually use to distract the villains' attention and escape with their sensei.

In The Lonely Mutation Of Baxter Stockman , the Shredder and Rahzar walk in, scolding Baxter for creating a bunch of useless mutants, including a duck. Baxter explains that it swims, flies, and knows Taekwondo, but this is obviously not enough to please the Shredder. Baxter then says that he has devised plans for pigs and rhinos, but this still doesn't get himself off the hook. The Shredder knows that Stockman has failed him one time too many, and Rahzar begins approaching the scientist with the intention of severely harming him, but Shredder has a much more suitable fate in mind - mutating Baxter. Shredder presses a button on the controller that triggers the bottles on Baxter's neck brace to crack, slowly spewing the contained ooze all over him. Shredder and Rahzar then leave him behind to mutate. The Foot-Bots drag a dazed Stockman-Fly all the way back to the Foot HQ. They then pause and Rahzar approaches. He says that he wants to squish Stockman here and now, but Shredder has "other plans". Shredder then says that Stockman will need to create one last Mutant to be evaluated -- and if he messes up, the villain will pluck his wings. Knowing that his hateful life will continue from this point, Stockman-Fly thanks Shredder for his 'generosity', while Rahzar tosses a chocolate bar for Stockman-Fly to eat.

In The Wrath of Tiger Claw Shredder sees Karai looking at a photo of her mother and asks what troubles her. Karai asks him to tell her the truth about Hamato Yoshi, Shredder tells her that he is responsible for the death of her mother just as Tiger Claw enters the room. Tiger Claw explains how he crossed different dimensions to return so he could have is revenge against all those who have wronged him. Shredder tells Tiger Claw to go after the turtles and and destroy them despite Karai's objections, he orders her to go with him.Tiger Claw brings Karai before Shredder, telling him of her betrayal. Karai demands that he tell her the truth about Splinter to which Shredder finally admits that she is Hamato Yoshi's daughter. Shredder then tells Tiger Claw to take her away, locking her away in a cell

.In The Legend of the Kuro Kabuto , Shredder visits Karai in her jail cell explaining why he kept her real father a secret and hopes that she will one day understand what he had to do. After Shredder's helmet called the Kuro Kabuto is stolen by Anton Zeck on Steranko's behalf, Shredder finds his calling card on a glued-down Rahzar and orders him to get him everyone. After explaining the history of the Kuro Kabuto, Shredder orders his minions to hunt for Anton Zeck where Fishface is sent with Stockman-Fly while Rahzar is sent with Tiger Claw. When Leonardo confronts Shredder for a trade, he kept him busy long enough for the others to get to Karai. Shredder managed to get the Kuro Kabuto back upon the Turtles' retreat. It later turned out to be a bomb as the Turtles evade it.

In Vengeance is Mine The Shredder appears and orders Tiger Claw to spare Karai's life. Tiger Claw agrees and, later, Karai awakens with chains around both of her wrists, while Shredder is standing behind her. Shredder takes off the lower part of his mask and asks why Karai has insisted on trying to hurt him. Karai refuses to speak, causing Shredder to ask why 'his daughter' does not have a thing to say. Karai harshly scolds him and, at the top of her lungs, yells that she is not his daughter.As Karai escapes, she looks up to see Shredder staring down at her from the top of the building with an enraged look in his eyes. Tiger Claw reports back to Shredder, stating that he has searched the city in search of Karai and that he has ordered some Foot-Bots to continue the search and to return with every detail. After Tiger Claw reveals that he hasn't had any luck yet, Shredder tells his minion that his efforts are pointless and that Karai's escape was to be counted on. He then goes on to say that Karai will most likely arrive with Splinter and his pupils to finish what they have started, which will allow the Shredder to have his vengeance. Shredder then commands Tiger Claw to inform Baxter Stockman of the situation.Breaking back into Shredder's headquarters, Karai notices that her former 'father' seems to be resting in his throne, but, after coming closer, it is then revealed that Shredder has put Chrome Dome there instead. She is then nearly captured by the robot, but manages to stab it through the chest before it can possibly inflict any harm. Shredder then emerges from the shadows and says that she has returned sooner than expected. She then confronts Shredder in combat, vowing to give him a final goodbye. However, Shredder quickly tells her that the mistake she's made is foolish and that he has taught her everything she has come to learn. Shredder then brings his blade up close to her neck and has her handed over to a massive hoard of his own henchmen. Karai is then taken away so that a mysterious experiment can begin.Inside Baxter's new lab, Shredder walks in and it is soon revealed that Baxter was told to extract a large portion of DNA from a serpent and place it inside of his vat filled with Mutagen. Shredder then orders his men to have Karai bound to a table within a cage hanging over the vat. Tiger Claw remarks that Shredder is pretty ruthless if he's wanting to mutate his own 'cub', but Shredder replies that Karai becoming a Mutant is not his actual intentions. His plan is that, when the Turtles attempt to save Karai, he drop them into the Mutagen, and this will cause them to become brainless serpents that will immediately start to target Splinter. Therefore, the latter would be left mortified and this is when Shredder would get the chance to 'shatter' his body. However, what Baxter did not reveal is that, the split second before Shredder entered, a different substance was accidentally spilled into the jar that is containing the modified Mutagen. Regardless, he states that everything has been prepared perfectly. During the next moment, Splinter and his sons all jump down from the cieling. It is not that long before Donnie, Mikey, and Raph are all trapped inside of spring-loaded cages that were set on the floor, while Master Splinter is restrained by ropes thrown onto him by the Foot-Bots. Leo is also tossed into a cage by a Foot-Bot, but, luckily, just as the cage detracts, he slips a part of his Katana into an opening and this lets him pry his way out. He then jumps up and over the vat in order to reach Karai. He removes the gag from her mouth and she thanks him. However, Shredder then tries to stab Leo from behind, but Leo ducks and Shredder's gauntlet accidentally cuts through the chain that is holding up Karai's cage. Leo and Shredder both jump clear of the vat, but Karai's cage drops, and sinks deep into the Mutagen, as Master Splinter observes this in sadness. As a now mutant serpent Karai makes her way out of the Mutagen, Shredder is also filled with remorse.Shredder immediately tries to pin the blame on Splinter for Karai's mutation, and he charges off to finish his foe, only to be stopped when a large piece of the ceiling caves in and prevents him from continuing further. Tiger Claw says to Shredder that they have won this fight and should retreat proudly. Shredder is angry when he hears these words, as he does not feel like he has won at all and vows to avenge Karai, before disappearing into the debris.

Character Interactions

Shredder (Character Interactions)


  • It is revealed that Shredder has a burned, bald head, from when the immense fire happened in Japan.
  • Shredder seems to own an Akita dog named Hatchiko. A dog of this same breed and name was immortalized with a statue in Tokyo and became a national symbol of loyalty and friendship. This dog was also part of the reason for Bradford's mutation into the hulking Dogpound.
  • Shredder is Master Splinter's definite opposite because of their feelings for humanity.
  • He fights with strictly forbidden Ninjitsu techniques.
  • He has immense strength, able to take on Dogpound and Fishaface with ease.
  • Karai is the only living thing he actually cares about, for unliving, it's his Kuro Kabuto.
  • He seems to have international comrades.
  • Ironically, the Shredder's real name, Saki, is (usually) a female Japanese name that means both blossom and hope.
  • He shares the same voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson, as Gantu from Lilo and Stitch.
  • Shredder's favorite color is dark purple for royalty, similar to Yamato Man from the video game Megaman 6.
  • In a spoiler, it stated that he adopted Miwa, hinting that he 'rescued' her from the fire and renamed her Karai, which is later revealed to be the truth.
  • Splinter's worst nightmare is losing his family to Shredder, as seen in "Panic in the Sewers" and "New Friend, Old Enemy", hinting that Shredder will truly do anything to get to Splinter; even hurting and kidnapping his loved ones.
  • One of Shredder's eyes is always seen bloodshot. 
  • Shredder's burns and scars under his helmet look very similer to Darth Vader's from Star Wars.
  • Shredder's armor resembles Darth Vader's overall.
  • Shredder mutated Karai/Miwa and blames Splinter.
  • Due to the Fact that he was Master Splinter Friend but now Enemies and he is a Major Villain he still count as a Former Ally.
  • Shredder longs to have his big battle with Splinter.


  • "Well done Karai, I have found something for you. (Holds up Kraang) You've always wanted a pet."
  • "They defeated you with Go-Karts and a water-balloons?!"
  • "Excellent Karai. I want you to find out more about this Kraang."
  • "Where is Splinter!"
  • "Tell me where Splinter is, and I'll let you live long enough to watch him perish."
  • "And you! *to Xever* I should have left you in that prison to rot."
  • "Have you forgotten what Hamato Yoshi has done to us?"
  • "Where is Hamato Yoshi?"
  • "Tonight I dine on turtle soup."
  • "Enough!"
  • "Your skills are impressive, but they will not save you!"
  • "Destroy Them!"
  • "Who is this...April O'Neil?"
  • "Why were you hunting the turtles?"
  • (To Bradford*) "You were such a promising student...."
  • (To Kraang*) "It would seem we have a common enemy."
  • Do they all talk like this?
  • "It must be a fascinating story to think Hamato Yoshi taught ninjitsu to four mutant turtles...maybe I'll let one of you live long enough to tell it!"
  • "Hamato Yoshi's disciples are Turtles!?"
  • "What is this? Xever? Bradford (turns around and sees that the Turtles escaped) NO!!!!!!!!"
  • (In Splinter's Dream) "There is no place you can run, no place you can hide where I will not find you. You think you are ready to face me?"


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