Shred head hide out

Shredder's Hideout is the former headquarters of the Foot Clan, located in a decrepit old building with an in-door water tank. This is where he hatches all of his most horrible plots to kill the Turtles. After the events of Triceraton invasion and the destruction of the Heart of Darkness, it was deserted by the foot. It's now under the control of Karai and Shinigami as they both intend to rebuild the Foot and restore the honor that Shredder poisoned with his burning thirst for vengeance.



  • In the 2003 TMNT cartoon, Shredder also resided in a building that's similar to this.
    • However, in the 2003 Series, Shredder's primary hideout is a Japanese castle.
  • This hideout has a Dungeon in it (this is where Karai is kept for a few episodes).