Shredder Elite

The Shredder Elite is a team of three mutant Shredder clones: Mini Shredder, Claw Shredder, and Shiva Shredder. They make their debuts in Baxter's Lab in the episode Return to New York.

The Clones


  • They first appeared in the Mirage Comics in Issue #20, "Return to New York, Part Two".
  • They are all mutant crustaceans, crab, lobster, and shrimp respectively.
  • They are Baxter Stockman's guards.
  • They were all fused into Mega Shredder in Attack of the Mega Shredder.
  • They are never referred to as Shredder Elite on the show or in any canon material, but are instead called "Shredder Mutants" in the shows credits and by Baxter Stockman. The name "Shredder Elite" originates from the Mirage Comics referring to Shredder's most skilled ninja warriors.


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