Alien red squirrels

Skin Color

Blood Red and pale green, with hints of black.

Eye Color

Glowing Green


Sharp Teeth, Claws and Secondary Mouth, Tail, Enhanced Strength


The Kraang


Ninja Turtles

The Squirrelanoids are mutated squirrels, that appeared in the end of Mutation Situation, but made thier official debut in Invasion of the Squirrelanoids.

Official Description

"No one expects a cute little squirrel to cause any trouble. But see what happens when you get too close and we jump in your mouth! From there, it’s on to your stomach, where we mutate into 9-foot-tall beasts—part squirrel, part monster, and 100% trouble!"

- Squirrelanoids

"I'm gonna pluck the wings off of ya!"

- Squirrelanoid (Raphael)


One first appeared in The Mutation Situation and sips mutagen and then later Invasion Of The Squirrelanoids, one hops into the mouth of the old hobo man, and once the man is taken back to the lair, discovered through the x-ray that within his stomach, the squirrel has cloned itself, and when barred out, revealed two. They scampered off and the turtles then had to try and find them. After a while, one enter Raph and an extra came out, thus making them three. They then went and undergo an extra mutation into an alien-like adult form. With their stealth and strength, they put up a good fight until Mikey lures them into a septic tank drain with popcorn. They do try to get back out of the lowering water, but fail. However, one is later seen attacking a sewer worker, foreshadowing their return.

Squirrel coming in contact with mutagen.

They return in Fungus Humungous, as a hallucination of Mikey's worst fears from the spores sprayed on him, and sees Raph as one.

In Metalhead Rewired, the three Squirrelanoids were amongst the many captured mutants by the Krangg, of which were then freed by the Turtles, along with the other mutants that were captured.

In Meet Mondo Gecko, there are two of them in shadow among the other villains to watch Fishface's "Death-a-thon".


The Squirrelanoids have red skeleton like skin with glowing green eyes and mouth. They also have a red, furry-like tail. They have secondary mouths in their jaws and their brains can be seen in the back of there heads.


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  • Their debut episode was held back to air right next to Halloween do to their spooky appearance and plot-line.
  • They are based on the Xenomorphs from the Aliens flims.
  • Mikey appears to have differentiated Scuriophobia (fear of squirrels) because of them.

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