TMNT- DotO 3DS Cover

Nintendo 3DS variant of the game.

Danger of the Ooze is a video game that was released October 28th, 2014. It is only playable on Playstation 3, X-BOX 360, and Nintendo 3DS.


The Turtles must stop Shredder from obtaining the Super Mutagen and making a deadly mutant army that would destroy the entire city.


  • The Super Mutagen is able to affect organics and non-organics.
  • The game's timeline goes up all the way to the episode "Into Dimension X!".
    • If it goes all the way up to "Into Dimension X", and "Vengeance is Mine" is 2 episodes back from it, then Karai should be her mutant self.
  • The audio clip the plays when the player pauses and un-pauses the game bears a strong resemblance to the sound used in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game on the NES.
  • Many recent introduced characters are seen making appearances in this game such as Living Atoms, Tiger Claw, Slash, and even Baxter's mutant form.
  • In this game, Shredder has teamed up with Newtralizer to protect to modified Ooze.
  • Stone Sir Malachi statues are seen in various places carrying useful pickup's.
  • The glowing, dancing Ice Cream Kitty's that are hidden in locations in the game are used to boost your XP meter.
  • In a part of the game, Mr. Murakami San is seen in his shop cooking food. If you wait long enough, he will toss you a Pizza Gyoza, which helps you health bar gain as much health as a pizza slice.
  • In one spot of the beginning rooftop levels, Anton Zeck is seen standing in place in the background on top of a rooftop.
  • Miniature bosses in the game are the Squirrelanoids. They are located in various areas in the game, but they are very rare to find.
  • Steranko makes a cameo in the game, in where he is walking in the background, before you fight Tiger Claw.
  • When fighting Tiger Claw, Donatello makes a Tony the Tiger reference
  • Leatherhead confirms the Neutrinos exist.
  • The Rat King also makes a cameo if the player visits the sewers before rescuing Karai.