Well I was on Raph's page and there was errors with Leo being donnie.

Your favourite character

what's your favorite character?

my favorite character is Raph. we have ALOT in common. we fight with our brothers, (i only have one brother), we love eating New York City Pizza, we love fighting bad guys for training, etc. its wierd i know. but, we'll get used to it right? hopefully...

Mine it's Leo because we have lots of in common: we both like the blue color. We also like katanas and we want always to be the leader. 

Mine fav. is Leonardo because I am very strong like him and i go material arts, too. Also, we like pizza but we prefer training and the most important is....................... we have the same name. Awesome right?

My fav is Donnie cuz we are both tech nerd we both like a boe staff and I kind of have a crush on him(I know its weird) also I want to be really great friends with him

My fav is raphael because we have a lot in common: I am very hot headed and sometimes I can't control my anger but in the plus side I look out for the people I care about

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